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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Praise for the PBS Special

Just a quick note. I just watched the PBS special on The Mormons over the Internet. It is full of the usual foolishness: obscure and irrelevant history (Mountain Meadows Massacre), polygamous "Mormons" and the usual interviews with apostates and excommunicated former Mormons, BUT it was the most through and lengthy (4 hours) handling of the subject ever done on TV. In large it seemed balanced and fair. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about what Mormons believe and what makes us march to a different drummer.

I watched most of it too and I liked it... I learned a lot.
I quite enjoyed it. I would certainly recommend it to others, along with the website ( The FAQs there answered most questions that I think people would have still had after watching the show.

It's nice to see you post again (and at your other blog). Good luck with school.
I thought the PBS special was fantastic, too.

I'm also LDS, but I have a very good Muslim friend in the middle east who also appreciates Mormonism. It'd be interesting to exchange experiences sometime.

I really enjoy your blog!
Love your blog! I think you would enjoy, has the most incredible LDS site I have ever seen! If you love art and music, enjoy!
Email me if you think it is cool, maybe I just don’t get out much.
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