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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Day 6: The Wicked Sloth-Monkey Meets the Gingerbread Juggernaut

Well, I didn't do any B of M reading today. Not even one page. I've been very busy with my favorite addiction: gingerbread baking.

Last Friday at Relief Society I was the recipient of the Friendship Basket. This is a weekly traveling basket that a sister fills from items from her home and then gives to another sister with a little introduction of the sister's past, hobbies, etc. I was genuinely touched to receive the basket last week.

This week I made a couple of calls to the sister whose name I had drawn. She just returned from summer vacation last week and I had never met her. I asked her about her background, hobbies, and family info. Then I began to wonder what I would put into the basket. I decided I would include some gingerbread cookies. Oh, and I would give some to the sweet sister who had given me the basket and my wonderful Visiting Teaching companion. Of course, I HAD to give some to my married daughter who LOVES gingerbread and I knew I had to make enough to feel Large Hulking Son or he would ravage my cookie supply before I even got it out of the house. Theeeen, I decided I would cut a specialty cookie in the shape of the Eiffel Tower since the sister is from France. Then I decided to add a few more specialty cookies, then, I threw caution aside, embraced my cookie addiction and decided I would do a "this is your life" montage in gingerbread.

Ok, now you know I'm crazy. Two days ago I started the baking. Today, the day before Church, I called my sister again to fill in any holes I had left in my information. Hummm, I needed more cookies: more baking, more decorating, more designing special cookies from computer clip art. Then I got really carried away, "Oh, the sisters in Dubai Branch have been so welcoming to me since I moved in 3 months ago, I'll bake a bunch of little gingerbread men so each sister can have one too. It's not nice of me to bring wonderfully aromatic gingerbread to Church and not have enough for everyone to taste."

By then there was no stopping the mental gears of compulsive behavior. "Well," I reasoned, " I should make enough so the sisters with young children can have one for each of their children. Oh, and I guess the older children will not want to be left out. Then there's Young Men's and Young Women's, they're kids too. And what about the men... " That's when I realized I was in path of a gingerbread juggernaut!!! I made another batch of dough, and made about 100 3inch gingerbread men. By then, it was 7:30 pm and my daughter had just returned from work. She eyed the piles of tiny gingerbread, enquired about the mysterious specialty shapes yet unfrosted, ("Hey, what's this gingerbread pig for?" "That's not a pig, it's a cat.") and laughed.

"Thanks for not yelling at me for all this gingerbread." I said, relieved that she hadn't reminded me I was gaining weight.

"Oh, you can never have too much gingerbread in the world," she laughingly replied.
It is now 3am. The cookies have all been decorated. The cookies for the friendship basket have all been backed on foil wrapped cardboard and covered with plastic wrap. The storyline is written out, but cookies are all stacked in the basket in proper order. I've finished my blog and now I'm going to post it, errors and get to bed. Goodnight. Tomorrow I'll try to double my reading to catch up.

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