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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Back in the Saddle Again

Sorry for the verrrrry long period between posts. I guess I was waiting for us to get an internet connection in our apartmemnt, but that isn't going to happen. Now I'm faced with the choice of dropping this and my other blogs or learning to write in a smokey, noisy internet with loud arabian style music playing, people shouting in various languages as they try to communicate with loved ones back home all over the globe, sticky keyboards and wobbly chairs. I suppose I could get used to it. I really don't want to let my blogs die.

Who would believe it??? I've been teaching the adult Sunday School class from the beginning of the year. If you had asked me which class did I NEVER want to teach my answer would be the adult sunday school class. If you had asked me which book of scripture I was weakest in my answer would be the Old Testiment. So of course what calling do I get??? Teaching the (opps, you can't abreivate the Adult Sunday School class without desasterous consequences) Adult Sunday School class with the course of study as the Old Testiment. It is just God's way of keeping me humble.

Every week I fret and pray and worry and repent that I didn't start my lesson prep earlier in the week, stay up late on the night before my class (here in the UAE, our church meets on Friday so saying that my Sunday school class lesson is always prepared on Thursday night gives me NO bragging rights) Every Friday morning I wake up with a nervious stomach and psyco-generated diahrea. I say another prayer, take some Immodium and head out for church.

Each week in apite of my personal weaknesses, I get great participation from my class and the Spirit is strongly felt. I feel like the facilitater, not a teacher. The comments from the class members as they struggle to live the gospel and bare testimony of the their trials of faith and the blessings of obedience in their lives really make the class. I present the principles and they discuss how following those principles have blessed their lives. They are the gospel in action. The Lord is clearly showing me that this is His church and that with the Holy Spirit I can do all things He requires of me.

It really is Christ's church, isn't it. That truth is made manifest to me every week.

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