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Saturday, December 24, 2005


Carol's Old Testiment Blog???

Sorry, I've been ignoring this blog since I finished the B of M last month. I've been reading (or should I say, I've been TRYING to) the Old Testiment. I read it on the bus in the morning on the way to work. It's my least favorite book of scripture. Here's what Amira from Conversations blog said when I told her about my lack of understanding and appreciation of the OT. "I have to say the OT is my favorite book of scripture. Sometimes I think it could use a good editor like Mormon to trim things down and take out some of the less desirable parts. But most of the time I enjoy its diversity."

I am really grateful for my knowledge of the Gospel that helps me understand the OT as well as I do. I'd really be lost if I were trying to read it without the "big picture" view that the B of M and the gospel give me.

Once, when I was much younger and thought I knew it all, my sister was staying with us. She was trying to read the OT and I was both shocked and amazed that someone with such a low reading level would even attempt it. I proudly thought to myself, "Who does she think she is, reading the OT with her 3rd grade reading level? I have college level reading skills and I won't even attempt to read the OT." Then the Spirit gently touched my heart and took me down several notches. "At least she is trying. I'm not reading any scriptures now so even with her low reading level, she's getting more blessings and knowledge than I am."

So, I guess, that even with my limited understanding and appreciation, I will still gain knowledge by trying. Like the joke goes, "What's the biggest room in any house? Room for improvement." I'll try to blog about my attempt to read the OT and maybe, with this blog and my readers encouragement, I will succeed in this daunting task.

So, if you're reading this entry, please post some encouragement for me. I'll try to update at least once a week. It may be more, but not for a while since we are moving in a few days. It's not a far move, but a move up. We're leaving our rented 2 bedroom for a 3 bedroom condo in the next Emirate, Ajman.

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