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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Daze 23-24 I'm Reading but in a Daze

I've been keeping up with my 10 pages per day reading, but my computer melted down got exterminated, and now still has technical difficulties. I spoke to our Arab computer shop techie and he said to bring my BC (there's no P in Arabic) in after evening prayers and he'll look at it. I think I must have blushed because in my youth BC was butt crack in our kid lingo: which NOBODY wanted to see! I can understand not being able to say P's but it's really funny to read things spelled with B's instead of P's. There are adverts in the papers for Labtob's for sale.

I'm at the neighborhood internet cafe where the keyboards are infested with little baby coackroaches! I forgot to bring my B of M or my notes, so I'm just winging it.

Any way, I've been reading the Isaiah chapters as quoted by Jacob. It's pretty heavy stuff and since I've been on decongestants and antibiotics that turn me to a sleepy Zombie, much of the significance of it went right over my stuffed up head. I did remember I had a copy of Ludlow's B of M Commentary so I got that out and read about how important parts I had glossed over. Those pills should have a disclaimer: Danger! Do not operate heavy machinery or read the writings of Isaiah while under the influence.

Here is some GREAT news. My hubby arrived in the country this morning and now he's here for a month to help me get my wild child under control (for a while, anyway)!!! AND we celebrate 29 years of bi-racial, cross-cultural, inter-faith marriage!!! Beat that! Yes, such a feat is worthy of 7 exclaimination points in one paragraph! (Oops, make that 8)

Congratulations on your anniversary! That really is an impressive feat.
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