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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Day 40: War, War, and more War. Alma 60; pg 360

Well, I have been neglecting this blog baddly, but I have been keeping up with my reading. It has been war after war after war. Heck, there are even wars within wars. Not very spiritual feel good kind of stuff.

It is interesting to read about the heroics of Captain Moroni, how even after a lifetime of warfare, remains a righteous and virtous man, who doesn't delight in killing and who only wants peace. He still feels God is supporting and aiding the Nephites in their struggle to preserve their lives and liberty and religion.

I would probably be such a cryer, whiner and complainer. May God bless Moroni forever for being such a wonderful example of a disciple of Christ even in the cruel,demeaning and demanding situation of years of warfare.

Hi, I stumbled on your blog and I'd like to congratulate on the courage you have to be married to a muslim and have 4 kids who are raised in his faith. I'm myself a LDS and I currently know a guy I really like who's from Morroco and who is very into islam and did the ramadan religiously and keeps all the commandments from islam and everything and it's hard for me to figure out how you can accept to let your children be raised in a different faith than yours and still keep your own faith? There myst be a lot of pressure no?

There are a lot of things about islam that stress me so much that I doubt I'd ever have the courage to do like you and marry a muslim. Maybe you could help me out understand how this can actually really work out?
Hi Val, Welcome. To answer your guestions frankly, Yes, it's very hard. Interfaith marriage is never recommended by me or my husband. We always strongly advise people against it. My life has been one where I feel like a step mother to my own children. It's so disheartening to have such a strong faith in Christ and your own children have none. It's painful.
Do you believe that today's Islamic rituals are genuine ?

None of the today's Islamic rituals are mentioned in Quran. They are all man-made - aka - Hadith.

or read an interesting article on misinterpretation -

I too am grateful for the Captain. He is a WONDEROUS example of righteousness. I have had a struggle reading through the wars. I appreaciate this post!

I am SO very tardy in welcoming you to Conversations. I finally got around to linking you up, through my blog.

I apologize for my tardyness. Welcome and thank you so much for your insight!

I look forward to getting to know you better.

Love, Lis

I'm assuming that you finished the Book of Mormon a week or two ago. I decided to go with your system of reading 10 pages a day and I just finished today. I liked that system. Thanks for the good idea.
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